Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The SSJ Forum posts a link to The Long Email

The SSJ Forum posted my message which contained a link to The Long Email. This is what they sent out to all the members (at least this is what I received).

I have written a rather long article in response to
your email. I have attached the response as a Word
document to this email.

Mark Murata

P.S. To the SSJ Forum, I demand that you post this
response (and the attached email) to the forum as well.
Actually, if you don't send out attachments, you can
just mention that the response is also located
If you click on the link, you will notice that it does not work. This is because the moderator split the link into two lines and the last part of the link got separated from the first part. I have no idea if the moderator screwed up the link on purpose or not. Of course, if you highlight the entire link and copy and paste it into your web browser, the link works just fine.

Hopefully, the SSJ Forum members were smart enough to figure out what happened. And it seems like a good number of them were. The number of pageviews for my blog went up significantly after the SSJ Forum posted this message.

Unfortunately, I have not gotten any responses to what I wrote. This makes me worry (again) that these pageviews were manufactured by my government. Either that or perhaps my government is somehow deleting the responses before I can read them.

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