Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lance Truong sends me a reply

The SSJ Forum moderator sent me the following message.
Dear Mr. Murata

(Cc Mr. Troung)

We are forwarding a message which was sent to you by Mr. Troung.

And we recommend both of you exchange messages directly with each other hereafter on this subject.

Thank you and best wishes,

Akira Motegi, Moderator SSJ Forum
Upon reading this message, my outrage soared to new heights. Once again, Motegi had refused to send a message to all the members of the forum. Simply sending these messages to their so-called “recipients” is not acceptable to me. These messages should be sent to every member of the SSJ Forum. And his “recommendation” that Lance and I merely exchange messages with each other was proof in my mind that Motegi wanted to keep the truth hidden away from public view.

The following is the forwarded message sent by Lance.
Dear Mr. Murata,

Thank you for your reply (and to Mr. Motegi for the re-post). Although your answer focused more on US-AfPak relations, your opinion regarding the connection with Japan reconstruction spending post-3.11 is certainly interesting. Do you know any other sources that elaborate on this? Given the report I have to write is for an embassy, I imagine to a certain extent it will have to maintain a diplomatic tone regarding other countries, but if, for example, reconstruction spending is likely to lead to lower ODA to Afghanistan (which looks likely given recent news), that would certainly be of interest to the Embassy.



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