Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is Jun talking to me?

The SSJ Forum posted a comment written by Jun Okumura. The last two paragraphs of that comment are…
At this point, I'd like to touch on an unrelated matter. Some of you may have noticed that I have not responded to one of the comments directed at me in another thread. Usually, I believe that one gratuitous insult deserves another... and another... and another... but after great thought, I've decided to refrain form insisting that my response be posted, since I do not want to see this forum deteriorate into yet another BBS where cranky old men like me vent their spleen in an incessant game of one-upmanship. I thought that I also made some great points in my draft—you know, the fish that got away--so I will be happy to share a bowdlerized version with anyone who cares.

Finally, let me take this opportunity to thank SSJ and the moderator for their services and express my hope that I will be able to continue to enjoy the forum in the years to come.
My government “told” me that Jun was using these final two paragraphs to respond to the comment I posted on his blog yesterday. In the first paragraph he was saying that he wouldn’t respond to my comment. In fact, he deleted it from his blog. And in the second paragraph, he was saying that he did not want the SSJ moderator to post my comment about NSC 13. And in the final sentence, when he expressed his hope that he would be able to continue to enjoy participating in the SSJ Forum in the years to come, he was admitting that he is partly responsible for what has been happening to me and is therefore a criminal who may be thrown in jail if the truth comes out.

Personally, I do not know to what extent Jun is responsible for what has been happening to me. However, if he is responsible, all I can say is…

Jail ike!!!

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