Thursday, December 29, 2011

I demand an explanation

I sent the following message to the SSJ Forum moderator in protest of his decision to refrain from sending my messages to all the members of the forum.
Why did you refuse to send my post to the other members of this forum?

If it was because of the last two sentences – wherein I called Jun a coward – you can remove those two sentences if you want and post the rest of the email.

If it was because I was discussing issues that you would rather not mention publicly then I demand to know what is the purpose of this forum? I thought the purpose of this forum was to discuss important issues related to Japan and America. Is that right? Or is the purpose of this forum to discuss silly and unimportant issues? Or is the purpose of this forum to discuss important issues in a dishonest, confusing, fake way that is built on lies and ignorant of the facts?

I believe very strongly that Japan and America are in the mess that we are in because the truth remains hidden from the public. What do you think?

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