Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How's it going Jun?

Now that Jun Okumura had started posting on his blog again, I decided to write him a little love note.
So the coward is back. Glad to see you posting again. Not expecting it to last long, so I better get in a few licks before you decide to return to your natural position – hiding behind some rock.

I told you morons (and now I’m referring to the Japanese government as well as you) that we needed to tell the world the truth. But no one listened to me. The only way to stop the violence and suffering caused by the West is to tell the truth and hold those responsible accountable.

After not listening to me, we’ve had civil wars in Libya and Syria, uprisings throughout the Middle East, continued chaos in Iraq and Afghanistan, an unreasonably high yen, an earthquake that destroyed much of the northeast of Japan, a nuclear disaster which has rendered 3% of the total surface area of Japan uninhabitable, American politicians acting like idiots and getting nothing done, European politicians acting like idiots and getting nothing done, and Japanese politicians acting like idiots and getting nothing done.

And amidst all this, you decide to publish a post on ABK48. Perfect.

In your defense, I am sure your government is giving you a bunch of drugs which are making you cower in fear. I assume that is why you can’t complete a sentence in an interview without stuttering. As you know, my government has been torturing me for quite some time now. And they don’t seem to want to stop. So I do have some sympathy for your situation.

And it’s not like you’re the only coward in Japan. Last month, I sent the following email to the SSJ Forum twice.
Ellis Krauss:

Wait, you seem to be implying that America used those three paragraphs to improve relations with Japan. Assuming you're right, how does that answer my original question which was why did America remove those three paragraphs in NSC 13/2?

Mark Murata
Needless to say, SSJ Forum decided against posting this reply.

Just out of curiosity, what happened to Japan? At what point did Japan turn into a nation of cowards? I ask you, whom I assume is an expert on this subject.
Less than a day after I posted this on his blog, he deleted my comment.


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