Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DaveTakaki1 stops tweeting

On the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, DaveTakaki1 (who is himself a Japanese American, presumably) posted the following message on Twitter.
Will be off tweet for a few days
He was off Twitter for much longer than a few days. Actually, he never really stopped posting messages on Twitter. But he did reduce the frequency of his posts. By a lot. Over the next month or so, he only posted about one tweet per day (and they were usually about the same thing – OperationSAFE). Before that, he was posting messages like crazy. By my count, he posted more than 80 messages on December 5, for example. A little more than a month after he reduced his Twitter usage, on January 11, he began to increase the frequency of his Twitter posts. He began posting a couple of messages per day.

With him off Twitter, it seemed like once again someone who I wanted to interact with had mysteriously decided to make themselves unavailable. I still don’t know why he decided to reduce his Twitter usage. And to this point (January 20th), he has never responded to any of the tweets I have sent to him. Or if he has, my government has prevented me from seeing those responses.

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