Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My government allows me to remember

At 11:28 AM, I started writing a five part tweet. This is what I wrote.1
Want to make sure that housekeeping does not clean room on Sat. Want to take a picture of sink. We’ll see if my government allows me to remember this. Government “told” me something at around 10:30 AM. But then it made me forget it. Now, government “told” me that the Europeans were number 2 at treachery (or maybe even number 1). Oh, just remembered what government “told” me at 10:30 AM. They said Obama can’t possibly believe that he’ll be able to get away with any treachery given how many other governments know the truth. It sounded like a threat (maybe from Japan). At least I think this is what my government told me at 10:30 AM.
After I posted this message, I discovered that a magnitude 6.1 earthquake had recently hit Japan. The earthquake happened about four minutes before I posted this tweet. I was “told” that this was not a coincidence. I was “told” that my government allowed me to remember what they told me at 10:30 AM because of the earthquake.

I was “told” that unless my government stops preventing me from remembering things and writing them down, then another earthquake will hit Japan. This earthquake would cause them to spend more money (meaning there will be less money for America to spend) and Japan would once again be consumed with dealing with the aftermath of an earthquake. They would once again focus on seikei bunri instead of working with America (or Europe for that matter). It would be the Kan administration part deux. And we wouldn’t want that, now would we.

It is a shame that no one believes me.

1 You can see the original messages here (one two three four five).

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