Thursday, November 17, 2011

Missing Tweets

Pretty much ever since I joined Twitter I have been suspecting that my government was secretly manipulating my account. I had that feeling today. Today was the so-called Global Day of Action for Occupy Wall Street. Since I follow several people who are either interested or involved in the movement, I thought for sure my Twitter timeline would be inundated with tweets related to the movement today. But by late afternoon, I had only one Occupy Wall Street tweet in my timeline. As so at 4:14 PM I posted the following on my Twitter account.
On the so-called “Global Day of Action” I’m not getting any tweets in my timeline about the occupy movement (okay, I’ve got one).
Immediately after I posted that message I started seeing a bunch of tweets related to Occupy Wall Street in my timeline. Someone even sent me a message which contained a map of all the tweets related to the movement (the map was of Brooklyn).

I assume that each red bird represents one person who has tweeted about Occupy Wall Street on this day.

Other people have claimed that their timelines are missing some of the messages posted by the people they follow. And Twitter has in fact acknowledged that this has been a problem. This has made me worry that perhaps I am not seeing all of the messages sent to me.

I also worry about another potential problem. In my timeline, I have seen some messages which seemed suspicious to me. I say these messages were suspicious because they said things that I wouldn’t think the writer would say (unfortunately, I did not save a link to any of these tweets so I can’t give you an example). This has made me worry that perhaps it is possible to post messages using someone’s username without that person knowing about it. And so I have been worrying that perhaps my government is posting messages using my username, messages that I don’t know about.

Incidentally, I have similar fears about my blog. I seem to be getting a decent number of pageviews. But no one is writing any comments. And so I wonder if my pageviews were manufactured by my government. Either that or perhaps my government is deleting the comments that people are trying to post. Furthermore, of the few comments that I have on my blog, most are written by people who have chosen to hide their user profile from me. That also seems suspicious to me. I do have one confirmed problem with my blog. I can’t send my followers any messages for some reason.

And remember, I’ve had problems with my email. I’ve been missing notification emails, for example. And I’ve been missing activation emails.

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