Saturday, November 12, 2011

I send an email to the LVPD

I sent the following email to the LVPD.
At around 1:15 AM on November 10, there were about five police cars outside my residence (the Siena Suites located on Boulder Highway and Russell). I called you guys and asked you why they were there. You told me that someone had reported that a gun had been fired. Later on, I was told that you guys never found anyone who fired a weapon.

I would like to obtain a report of this incident. Can you send one to
me? If you can't email it to me, can I pick it up at one of your
police stations?

Mark Murata
I wanted the report so I could prove that the incident really happened. It seems that no one believes me these days. I figured I would post a copy of the report on this blog to prove that the incident really happened.

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