Thursday, November 17, 2011

I got the 9/11 call records

I went to the police station and bought a copy of the call records for the shooting at my apartment complex. This is a copy of those documents.

Two people called 9/11 to report the shooting. The first two pages are the call records for the first caller. The third page is the call record for the second caller.

The guy who printed the documents for me redacted any personal information from the documents. To do that, he simply used white out on a copy of the documents. Then he made a copy of those documents and he gave me that second copy.

When I called 311, they told me that the police didn’t find anything. But according to the call records, the police found eleven .45 caliber shell casing in the parking lot on the east side of building 11. I live on the east side of building 11. Two people said they heard a vehicle take off after they heard the shots fired, but neither of them could give a description of the vehicle. The police could not find any impact locations nor could they find a victim.

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