Saturday, April 2, 2011

Historians Never Cease To Dismay Me

I posted the following article on Blogging for a New World Order.
On March 30, Timothy Garton Ash wrote an article expounding on the moral dilemma associated with leaking classified information. He argued that the helicopter video should have been leaked but the details of the negotiations between Israel and Palestine should not have been leaked. Of course, I agree that the helicopter video should have been leaked but the documents on Israel and Palestine should have been leaked as well. As for his justification on why those documents should not have been leaked, Ash had this to say.

“How else can negotiators have the confidence to explore the publicly unsayable, in the pursuit of peace?" said Ash.

Apparently, Ash was referring to the information that Palestine had offered Israel more than some Palestinians may have been willing to give. It makes absolutely no sense to say that such information needs to be kept secret. If the Palestinian public cannot accept what its leadership offered Israel then there was never a chance that the negotiations would have succeeded in the first place. What is Abbas going to do? Tell his people that he’s made a deal with Israel but he can’t tell them what it is? Does he think he can hand over East Jerusalem and not tell his people that he did that? Does he think he can forfeit the right of return and not tell his people that he did that?

This is yet another case of a historian arguing that the people really shouldn’t understand what’s going on. For me, historians are perhaps the biggest failures, the most fundamentally dishonest, misleading, counterproductive, and harmful people who have protected the people who should not have been protected at expense of the people who should have been. For them, it’s okay to leak the helicopter video because it’s really dramatic and it doesn’t explain a damn thing about why things like what occurred in that video happen. Historians love to teach history as one damn thing after another. But what they will never do is to tell the public the way the world works or why things happen.

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