Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gilani taken aback by Karzai's curtness

According to Dawn, during the SAARC Summit, Karzai held a meeting with Gilani. During the meeting, Karzai and Gilani talked about reviving a joint commission which fell apart after the assassination of Burhanuddin Rabbani. However, according to Karzai, the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan would not improve until Pakistan met his two demands which were…
  1. Pakistan must cooperate with Afghanistan’s investigation into the Rabbani assassination.
  2. Pakistan must do more to end the cross-border attacks into Afghanistan.
“The meeting took place in a highly tense atmosphere as the Afghan president was not in a mood to listen to anyone,” said one Pakistani official. “Frankly speaking, Prime Minister Gilani was taken aback because he had expected a friendly gesture from the Afghan president.”

Presumably, Karzai and Gilani engaged in this bit of political theater to make sure that the relationship between their two countries appeared strained. And presumably, they did this to keep the peace process stalled.

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