Saturday, October 30, 2010

Era of unilateralism is over

“The era of unilateralism has ended and the time is over when certain countries made decisions for others,” said Manouchehr Mottaki, the foreign minister of Iran. “The majority of the world now calls for a world based on justice and without discrimination”

In INDB, I wrote the following in response to this quote.
Unilateralism has not worked. It has not worked for the Middle East. It has not worked for Africa. It has not worked for Latin America. It has not worked for America. It has not worked for Japan. It has not worked for Russia. It has not worked for Europe.

We never had real unilateralism to begin with. During the “unilateralism” era, Japan, South Korea, and China spent most of the time yelling at one another while Japan helped both of them, and Southeast Asia, build up their economies. During the “unilateralism” era, nations often resorted to terrorism to gain leverage over other nations.

The word unilateralism does not capture the problem of the current era. The real problem is a lack of accountability and a lack of transparency that has allowed governments to engage in unacceptable behavior, most notably terrorism. This problem, by the way, was present during the Cold War as well.

The unilateralism era is over. I won’t let it get restarted. The moment it starts, I will do everything I can to bring it down. For even if Israel and Palestine reach an agreement, even if Iraq forms a government, even if the Green Revolution overthrows the current regime, even if the Taliban disappear into the mountains, the trash can still come in later and reverse every single one of those things whenever they want. A few Palestinians could kill an Israeli soldier. Israel could use that as an excuse to invade Palestine. Terrorists could cause a new wave of sectarian violence in Iraq leading to a collapse of the government. Iran had an Islamic Revolution before. It could have one again. The Taliban went away after 9/11 and came back. They could do so again easily. Temporary fixes don’t fix anything.

Neither America nor Europe can lead the world. They both lack the moral foundation. Obama has ruined his chance of seizing the moral high ground. I warned you that our biggest problem was not living up to our ideals. I told you that you can’t drug your way to victory. Amazingly, Obama for some reason decided to try to do just that. Obama needs to resign.

Now you’ve got three choices. You can either kill me. You can tell the truth yourselves and stop drugging me and forcing thoughts into my mind. Or if you want me to participate in this process, you need to do three things. You need to stop drugging me and stop forcing thoughts into my mind. You need to tell me the truth, both about the history of America and the world and about my history and what you’ve done to me. And you need to tell me what you have in mind for me in the future.

Obviously, I prefer the latter two options. If you don’t pick one of those two options, I will go public with what you have done to me and I promise you that I will do everything I can to make the process as painful and as difficult and as divisive as I can. I will not spare anyone, either in America or overseas.

You don’t have long to decide. In the meantime, I’m going to burn as many bridges as I possibly can.

By the way, if you don’t want to release the secret documents, I will. You know where to find me.
Guess which option my government chose.

Trash till the end.

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