Monday, November 28, 2011

DTakaki writes a second response

DTakaki wrote the following response to my most recent comment on “Obama’s Plan for America’s Pacific Century.”
It's not a mutually exclusive call. He was part of it, regardless of remorse, and the CIA certainly has it's history of failures and ill-advised adventures.

Really, your last comment leaves me nonplussed. Considering my personal history over the past four+ decades, including photographing operatives photographing demonstrators, I hardly think I would get a TS clearance, much less a higher security level. BTW, I know and knew intelligence special agents going back to the ( ) and they would get a kick out of your comment, and maybe buy me a beer for the laugh, but certainly not trust me, nor I them...

Paranoia doesn't become you. Take care, and have a good evening.
The fact that he knew some CIA agents made me even more curious. His comment made it seem like he was affiliated with some protest movements during the sixties. I believe those protest movements were largely created and controlled by the CIA.

Upon reading his comment, I figured that I now had a chance to find out more about how the CIA operated. I hoped to learn the names of the agents he interacted with. And I hoped to learn what those agents told him.

Unfortunately, my government used their mind control techniques to prevent me from responding to his comment quickly.

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