Saturday, November 26, 2011

DTakaki responds

Someone called DTakaki responded to the comment I posted for the article “Obama’s Plan for America’s Pacific Century” (this was the comment that contained a link to my Unabomber article). Apparently, DTakaki read my Unabomber article and posted the following in response.
You gotta keep fighting for them, from both parties...btw, I don't think the problem was as as much the Office of Strategic Services as much as Murray himself. As for the successor agency, it still has problems. You know the quote about eternal vigilance...
In response to his comment, I posted the following.
A little confused about your comment. On the one hand, you seem to blame Murray but on the other hand you say the successor agency (the CIA) still has problems. In any event, here's some more posts about that successor agency, in case you're interested.

And a word of caution, you are probably working for the U.S. government, whether you know it or not.
I wrote that last sentence after looking at some of the comments DTakaki wrote on the Atlantic website. I also wrote that sentence, presumably, because my government wanted me to write that for some reason. I figured the government was using him in the New Diplomacy just like they were using me and I was anxious to find out more about him. Given his username (which contained the Japanese surname Takaki), I figured that he was a Japanese American just like me. Perhaps our government has a habit of “recruiting” Japanese Americans.

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