Friday, October 7, 2011

Richard Nixon Watergate grand jury transcript out November 10

On October 7, Politico reported that the government would release the transcripts of the Nixon grand jury testimony on November 10, which is right at the start of the APEC meeting in Hawaii.

Once again, it appears that America is trying to put pressure on other governments by threatening to release information. Otherwise, they would have simply released the transcripts immediately and would not have waited for the APEC meeting. Once again, it does not appear that other governments feel particularly threatened by our actions. After all, how many times can you cry wolf and be believed?

Assuming that America does not reveal the truth on November 10, then I guess the Nixon grand jury testimony wasn’t all that complete or honest. Either that, or America will release a redacted version of the transcript. Or, perhaps America will release a bullshit, rewritten version of the documents.


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