Thursday, November 10, 2011

A rare outing

A little while back, my government “told” me to write down the license plate of an old, maroon Plymouth Acclaim that was parked in front of my apartment. I didn’t do that, at least not at that time.

Tonight, I heard my upstairs neighbor move around and then close her window. Soon after that, I heard a door close. Figuring that she must be leaving her room, I peered out my window and saw her walk down the stairs in a grey hooded sweatshirt (the hood was placed over her head). She had sunglasses on, even though the sun was no where to be seen. As she walked past my apartment below me, she looked up at my window for a brief second then quickly looked away. Perhaps she saw me looking at her, though I doubt it. If I remember correctly, I was looking at her behind my window, which is tinted. I believe I had the lights in my bedroom off, so I don’t think she could have seen me.

In any event, she got into her car, which turns out to be the maroon Plymouth Acclaim that my government wanted me to notice.

Now that I knew which car she owned, in the future, I would often look out my window to see if she was still here. Inevitably, whenever I did that, I saw her car parked in the same location, right across from my window (which, obviously, is right across from her window too).

Apparently, she doesn’t get out much.

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