Friday, October 7, 2011

Is Russia trying to send me a message?

Earlier today, someone from Russia made a pair of searches on Yandex. Those searches led the person to two of the blog posts on this website (Here Is Gone and One inch ahead is darkness).

Is it just me or is Russia trying to send me a message?

By the way, on this day, I also finished writing the following document which I want my parents to read.

Right after I posted this, I looked on my other blog, Blogging for a New World Order, and noticed that someone in America had accessed the post called Yamero right before I published this post.

Yamero is a Japanese word that one can use to order another person to stop what they are doing (FYI: it would almost always be extremely rude to use this word).

Perhaps America is trying to send me a counter-message. If so, all I can say is…


I don’t think so.

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