Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I contact Digg for a fourth time

Digg never replied to my previous two emails.

Today, I wrote the following message and submitted it online using the contact form on their website.
On October 11, I asked you guys why all my comments had been deleted from your website. Later that day, you guys wrote me an email saying that your development team would look in it. On October 12, I sent you guys an email asking you how often something like this happens and how long would it take to fix the problem. I did not hear back from you guys. On October 14, I wrote you guys another email, asking for a status update. I did not get a response for that email either.

It occurred to me that perhaps you guys only use to send out emails, and so that's why I'm writing this message.

Have you guys made any progress in fixing my account?

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