Saturday, May 21, 2011

Auslin quote

I posted the following on Blogging for a New World Order.
"Throughout their history, the Japanese have responded to domestic and international conditions with pragmatic and sometimes far-reaching policies. They have transformed their society numerous times and often moved far beyond the hesitant policies of neighbors large and small. While history provides no assurance of a similar response to the changes sweeping Japan today, it is difficult to conceive of a global future in which Japan fails to play an important (if not dominant) role or to predict a domestic future in which its political and economic systems continue to fail to answer the needs and desires of the Japanese people."
- Michael Auslin

It is the biggest disappointment of my life that the current generation of Japanese people have failed to live up to this quote.
On Monday, TiVo shares would drop 11 cents to $9.36. Vonage shares would drop 13 cents to $4.56. Apparently, my government does not like it whenever I suggest that Japan should transform itself. Nevertheless, I must say, “Japan, please transform yourself. Please tell the world the truth.”

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