Sunday, September 18, 2011

My parents can't stay for long

My father sent me the following response.
Hi Mark,
We can come and stay for a longer time period but it will be hard to stay for up to a month. We like to go see Chloe, so staying a month seems too long. Also, we can't in the next couple of months. We probably could work in say up to 2 weeks.

In October, Mrs. Chan is really busy at work and will not be able to babysit Chloe the 3 days a week she usually does. So, we're planning on going to LA to babysit more during Oct.

In Nov. Brent and Inez and Chloe want to go to Hawaii and have asked us to go with them. It would be great if you could go to. They're thinking of a week in Maui; we probably wouldn't stay a whole week. It would be really great if you could come to Hawaii with us.

How about you considering to come to Sunnyvale for a couple of weeks and then we could work on your stuff. Think about it.

Which blog do you think it would be best to introduce Mr. Young to first? The Chronicles of History?

So my parents couldn’t stay for long. On the other hand, perhaps something will happen that…

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