Monday, September 26, 2011

My government was actually helpful for a change

My parents took their BMW to Frank’s Auto Body to get it repaired. After my parents dropped the car off, the shop gave them a ride back to where I live. Although I knew that my parents were going out to various auto repair places, I did not know when or how they would return. As it so happens, I was in the shower when they returned. Because they do not have a key to my place, my father called to tell me that they had returned without their car and that they needed the keys to my car so they could go some place. At about the time he called, my government “told” me that my parents were waiting for me. But for some reason, I did nothing about it for maybe about ten minutes or so. Eventually, I decided to get out of the shower and check my phone. I discovered that my government was right. My parents had called me. About ten minutes ago. And so I called them back. I told my father to come to my door and pick up my car keys. Because I had not finished showering, I was still naked, and so when my father got to my front door, I cracked the door open and stuck my car keys outside so he could pick them up. Once that was completed, I went back into the shower for a while.

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