Thursday, September 15, 2011

Looking for Pandora's Box

“Our special relationship with Japan will survive the war in Viet Nam and could ultimately be the basis for peace in Asia. But it is going to take hard work on both sides.”
George R. Packard III

It occurred to me that I shouldn’t just wait for the Japanese government to disclose the documents related to the money Japan paid to America for the reversion of Okinawa. And so on September 15, I sent a request to NARA, asking for the documents related to the $5 and $65 million payments made by Japan to America. In fact, it appears that America has already released the documents, which means I should be able to gain access to them.

My government has led me to believe that these documents indicate that Japan paid America the money as compensation for the Vietnam War. This implies that Japan is somehow responsible for the war.

My request for these documents must have made my government angry because after today, shares of TiVo and Vonage would decline rather sharply until September 22.

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