Saturday, January 8, 2011

John Hinckley, Jr. & Oklahoma City Redux

With the country divided after a bruising midterm election, our government decided that we needed some more political theater to rectify this situation. On January 8, our government pulled out its oldest trick in book – let’s create a tragedy to unify the country. On that day, the media reported that someone shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in the head.

Our government has used this trick on countless occasions in the past. Ronald Reagan used this trick to convince a Democratic Congress to pass his budget (in his case, John Hinckley, Jr. “shot” him). Fourteen years later, Bill Clinton used the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City to unify the nation.

Of course, the Giffords incident had more in common with what happened to Reagan than what happened in Oklahoma City. In Oklahoma City, the building really did get destroyed. By contrast, neither Ronald Reagan nor Gabrielle Giffords got shot.

Interestingly, over the next year, the media would sometimes report that Giffords was making a miraculous recovery, but at other times the media would report that Giffords may not recover at all. I believe the government was manufacturing this information about her recovery in an attempt to pressure foreign governments. Every time our government wanted to pressure other governments, we would release information suggesting that Giffords had made some sort of miraculous recovery. This information supported my theory that the government had staged the shooting to begin with. It is, after all, not believable that a human being could get shot in the head and suffer no permanent damage whatsoever. If Giffords could somehow emerge from the “shooting” completely unscathed, the government must have faked the entire incident to begin with. With this information in hand, I just might be able to prove that the shooting was nothing more than political theater. This would, of course, have an enormous impact on the way the public views its history and would have consequences not just for America, but for governments worldwide. Remember that America is not the only government that uses political theater.

On the other hand, at several points in time the media reported that Giffords might not make a full recovery. Presumably, at these times, our government was trying to convey to other governments that it had no intention of revealing what really happened.

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