Sunday, September 25, 2011

It was a mistake

In the following message, cleliabrigitta explains that she sent the previous message to me by mistake.
@BlithelyIdiot How it is right! I was in a hurry. Thanks was 4 Neil, but i'm sure you are a kind of person who deserves thanks haha! ;)
Remember, back on September 23, NeilPaynter posted a tweet which included the usernames of people who had posted wlfind tweets on that day. I was mentioned in that tweet, as was cleliabrigitta. Apparently, she simply copied all the usernames in NeilPaynter’s tweet, pasted them into a new message, typed the words “thank you,” and sent the message on its way.

However, despite sending me that first message in error, the minute after cleliabrigitta sent me this second message, she added me to her following list on Twitter. I guess she read my Twitter account and found something interesting.

Because she was interested in WikiLeaks and because she added me to her following list, I reciprocated and added her to my following list and began reading what she posted on Twitter.

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