Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I post my first comment on Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes, the newspaper run by the Department of Defense, published an article on Okinawa. In the comments section, I wrote the following:
In case anyone is wondering about why this business of Futenma is such a big deal, read these two articles:

Surprisingly, my blog got a lot of traffic from this comment. According to my Stats page, people clicked on one of those two links seventy-four times. That is by far the most hits I have gotten from a single comment for this blog.

Subsequently, my government “told” me that Japan made them have a lot of people access my blog from this comment. Presumably, many of those people were military officials (remember that the article appeared on a website dedicated to the U.S. military). Apparently, Japan wanted to see if my government would try to manipulate and discredit them once they discovered the truth (as they have done to me). If so, then all this talk about how the Obama administration really cares about our soldiers is meaningless.

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