Saturday, September 3, 2011

I ask WikiLeaks for help

I used Twitter to ask WikiLeaks for help. The message I sent is pretty long. It has six parts: one two three four five six. The following is the message in its entirety.
I know you guys know who I am. Here's your chance to redeem yourselves. My name is Mark Murata. I own the blog called Blogging for a New World Order. I have been publishing information given to me by my government in an attempt to pressure other governments (this wasn't my dipshit idea). In order to get me to do this, my government has been torturing me. I believe you guys know about me. But you guys seem to want to keep my existence a secret, just like my government does. In case you guys change your mind, do something to publicize this: It is the story of has been happening to me. Feel free to take whatever you want.
WikiLeaks never replied.

(Yeah, I know I forgot the word “what” in the last sentence. Whoops.)

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