Monday, September 26, 2011

Henderson Police shoot alleged robber who fired at officers

At 11:35 AM, a man robbed a pharmacy in Henderson, Nevada. Ten minutes later, the police spotted his car and started chasing him. The suspect pulled out a shotgun and fired at one of the police officers. Subsequently, he pulled into The District at Green Valley Ranch where the police shot and apprehended him.

I only mention this because at about 11:30 AM on that very same day, my parents and I decided to go The District for lunch. The District is split into two portions, a western side and an eastern side. In the middle there is a street called Green Valley Ranch. For lunch, my parents and I went to Balboa Pizza Company, which is located on the western side of Green Valley Ranch. The shooting took place on the eastern side.

When we arrived at The District, we saw several police cars streaming into the parking lot. By then, the police had already closed off the entrance to the western side of the mall.

Note that one minute before the robbery happened, I sent the email to NARA asking them about my request for the documents related to the $65 million payment. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

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