Saturday, September 3, 2011

Couldn't register for WikiLeaks forum

I tried to register for the WikiLeaks forum but I didn’t get a confirmation email so I couldn’t activate my account. Around this time, I would often fail to receive a confirmation email after registering at a new website, meaning that I could not post anything on that website. It was a pretty big problem for me, and very frustrating.

Things would improve, however, once I started doing two things. I started checking my spam folder for the confirmation emails and I started making a note every time I didn’t receive a confirmation email. I think I only found one confirmation email in my spam folder, but I think this process convinced my government to allow me to receive confirmation emails because missing confirmation emails look suspicious and are further evidence that my government is doing something to me.

I don’t think I checked my spam folder for the WikiLeaks confirmation email. But I doubt the confirmation email went there, because a little over a week later I would successfully register for the website (I’m pretty sure the confirmation email went straight to my inbox that time).

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