Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cindy Nguyen is dead

The police found the body of Cindy Nguyen at the 500 block of North 12th Street. They did not, however, find Paul Ray Castillo.

The death of Cindy Nguyen stunned the police and the Vietnamese community in San Jose.

“Yesterday, San Jose experienced a crime wave we have not seen in a single day in a very long time,” said Chris Moore, the police chief of San Jose.

Many Vietnamese Americans who lived in San Jose knew of Cindy Nguyen because she hosted a show on a local Vietnamese radio station.

“I’ve been getting so many phone calls,” said Madison Nguyen, a member of the San Jose City Council. “It’s really shaken up the Vietnamese community tremendously. She’s a very well-known figure in the community.”

Her body was found at a place located less than two miles away from where my father works.

My government “told” me that her death was connected to the article I posted two days earlier. I wrote that Japan had paid America $65 million for the return of Okinawa because of the Vietnam War. My government wanted me to believe that they killed Cindy Nguyen, a Vietnamese American, in retaliation. They killed her because I posted that article. Initially, right after my government “told” me this, I refused to believe them. However, the events of following month would convince me that my government was telling me the truth. But now, unfortunately – and ironically – no one believes me. And that is a shame.

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