Friday, September 30, 2011

Our advice to the debt supercommittee

“If the supercommittee is bold, it can put forward a smart, well-formulated deficit reduction plan that not only reduces our deficit but also maintains our economic health and restores public confidence in America’s ability to govern wisely and prudently,” said Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles. “Failure to do so will incur a great price.”

You two are mistaken if you believe that the public will not discover the truth if we reduce our deficit.

Anwar al-Awlaki killed

CNN reported that Anwar al-Awlaki had been killed.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Okinawa reversion paper discloure ruling reversed

On September 29, the Tokyo High Court overturned the ruling which demanded that the government release the documents related to the payments Japan made to America for the reversion of Okinawa. Apparently, the court decided that the government didn’t have to release those documents because the court wasn’t sure the government had them anymore.

Cowards. Trash. Idiots.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Elpida to set chip production base China

The Yomiuri Shimbun reported that a Japanese semiconductor manufacturer, Elpida, would manufacture its chips in China.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Noda dismisses Obama's reported comment seeking conclusion to Futenma relocation

On September 27, the Mainichi Shimbun reported that Yoshihiko Noda was downplaying the idea that he would solve the Futenma relocation problem quickly.

I send NARA my address

I sent NARA my address in an email. After I sent NARA this information, presumably, my request was successfully entered into their system. This must have made my government very angry. From the end of today to October 3, TiVo shares went from $10.40 to $8.87. Vonage shares went from $2.82 to $2.52.

NARA asks me for my address

The National Archives asks me to send them my address.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I ask NARA for the Okinawa documents, again

I sent the following email to the National Archives.
On September 15, I submitted an online request for the documents related to the payments Japan made to America for the return of Okinawa. Specifically, I am looking for the documents related to the $65 million and $4 million payments Japan made. These documents are referred to in the following news articles

I contacted one of your staff, Brian C. Phelan, and he says you guys have no record of my request. And he said to resubmit my request using this email address ( And so that is what I am doing with this email.

Mark Murata
Over the past two days, the shares of Vonage and TiVo had risen. But after tomorrow, the shares of both would plummet. Apparently, my government was not happy to see that I am determined to find these documents.

Boo hoo. Sniffle. Sniffle.

This is so lame it is unbelievable

At 1:37 PM, I received the following email from Brian Phelan.
Dear Mr. Murata-

The reference branch has no record of your request of September 15 regarding the reversion of Okinawa. Please resubmit it at and it will be assigned and answered forthwith.

Brian C. Phelan

My government was actually helpful for a change

My parents took their BMW to Frank’s Auto Body to get it repaired. After my parents dropped the car off, the shop gave them a ride back to where I live. Although I knew that my parents were going out to various auto repair places, I did not know when or how they would return. As it so happens, I was in the shower when they returned. Because they do not have a key to my place, my father called to tell me that they had returned without their car and that they needed the keys to my car so they could go some place. At about the time he called, my government “told” me that my parents were waiting for me. But for some reason, I did nothing about it for maybe about ten minutes or so. Eventually, I decided to get out of the shower and check my phone. I discovered that my government was right. My parents had called me. About ten minutes ago. And so I called them back. I told my father to come to my door and pick up my car keys. Because I had not finished showering, I was still naked, and so when my father got to my front door, I cracked the door open and stuck my car keys outside so he could pick them up. Once that was completed, I went back into the shower for a while.

Many diplomatic challenges ahead for Noda

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, Prime Minister Noda “faces a mountain of difficult tasks in which his diplomatic skills will be severely tested, including hard-to-accommodate demands from the United States.”

“His diplomatic debut was smooth, but tough times are coming,” said one official in the Japanese Foreign Ministry.

Henderson Police shoot alleged robber who fired at officers

At 11:35 AM, a man robbed a pharmacy in Henderson, Nevada. Ten minutes later, the police spotted his car and started chasing him. The suspect pulled out a shotgun and fired at one of the police officers. Subsequently, he pulled into The District at Green Valley Ranch where the police shot and apprehended him.

I only mention this because at about 11:30 AM on that very same day, my parents and I decided to go The District for lunch. The District is split into two portions, a western side and an eastern side. In the middle there is a street called Green Valley Ranch. For lunch, my parents and I went to Balboa Pizza Company, which is located on the western side of Green Valley Ranch. The shooting took place on the eastern side.

When we arrived at The District, we saw several police cars streaming into the parking lot. By then, the police had already closed off the entrance to the western side of the mall.

Note that one minute before the robbery happened, I sent the email to NARA asking them about my request for the documents related to the $65 million payment. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

What's the holdup?

I got tired of waiting for the National Archives to respond to my request and so I wrote them an email. The following is a copy of the email.

Thank you for sending me a copy of NSC 13/3.

On September 15, I submitted a request on the NARA website for the documents related to the $65 million and $4 million payments made by Japan to America for the reversion of Okinawa. I have not heard back from you guys. Could you look into it?

Mark Murata

One inch ahead is darkness

Let’s see where we’re at…
The media claims that Greece may soon default on its debt and Congress may soon shutdown the U.S. government.

September 23

Mahmoud Abbas asks the UN to formally recognize the state of Palestine.

September 24

“If by this autumn there is no progress on the relocation of Futenma, the relationship between Japan and America will be torn to shreds,” said Nobuteru Ishihara.

My niece fell, hit her head, and had to go to the hospital.

September 25

A truck broadsided the car my father was driving. My mother and I were in the car when the accident happened.

Britain will likely decide on whether or not to extradite Julian Assange to Sweden in the next two weeks.

September 26

A Japanese court convicted the three associates of Ichiro Ozawa in the Rikuzankai case.

September 29

A Japanese appeals court will decide whether or not to release the documents related to the money Japan paid to America for returning Okinawa. I have sent my own request for these documents to the U.S. National Archives. I should hear back from them soon.
And finally, my government has “asked” me to meet my neighbor upstairs. But, on the other hand, my government has “told” me that, should I actually meet my neighbor, he will shoot me with a pistol and kill me.

It is a shame that no one believes me. Perhaps some of this misery could have been avoided. I would like to think that my government will now come to its senses and do the right thing. Based on my experience so far, I have no reason to believe they will do that. But, you never know. Sometimes miracles happen.

One inch ahead is darkness…

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Tonight, I have the song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" stuck in my head.
Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when September ends

like my father's come to pass
seven years has gone so fast
wake me up when September ends

here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are

as my memory rests
but never forgets what I lost
wake me up when September ends

You should meet your neighbors

I posted the following message on Twitter.
Government has been "telling" me to knock on the door of my neighbor above me. Not sure why.

'I can do business' with Noda, Obama reportedly says

After meeting with Noda, Obama reportedly said, “I can do business with him.”

Margaret Thatcher used that same phrase nearly two decades ago, after meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev for the first time. The Japanese government believed Obama used that same phrase for a reason.

“I suppose the U.S. side was aware the phrase had been used by Thatcher in the past," said one Japanese official. “It means [Obama] expects [Noda] to work appropriately as a trustworthy partner this time.”

Hmmm…I guess America did not like the Hatoyama administration or the Kan administration. Bummer.

But would the Noda administration be any different?

One inch ahead is darkness.

Pakistan accuses America of creating the Haqqani network

The Pakistani Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, accused the CIA of creating the Haqqani network.

It was a mistake

In the following message, cleliabrigitta explains that she sent the previous message to me by mistake.
@BlithelyIdiot How it is right! I was in a hurry. Thanks was 4 Neil, but i'm sure you are a kind of person who deserves thanks haha! ;)
Remember, back on September 23, NeilPaynter posted a tweet which included the usernames of people who had posted wlfind tweets on that day. I was mentioned in that tweet, as was cleliabrigitta. Apparently, she simply copied all the usernames in NeilPaynter’s tweet, pasted them into a new message, typed the words “thank you,” and sent the message on its way.

However, despite sending me that first message in error, the minute after cleliabrigitta sent me this second message, she added me to her following list on Twitter. I guess she read my Twitter account and found something interesting.

Because she was interested in WikiLeaks and because she added me to her following list, I reciprocated and added her to my following list and began reading what she posted on Twitter.

Chinese marine research ship spotted near Senkakus

The Japanese Coast Guard discovered a Chinese research vessel which had impudently entered the exclusive economic zone of Japan. Once again, I must ask the question. Why so testy, CPC?

The Reign of Terror begins

At 1:18 AM, I received the following email from my father.
Hi Mark,

We won't likely leave by 9am. It's 1:15a.m. and we just got back from hospital emergency. Chloe had an accident. She fell and hit her head, near her left eye, on a wooden ledge. The doctor says her eye is okay and there are no broken bones. She's going to have a bad black eye.

At emergency she cried until she was so tired that she fell asleep. That was only when they could take an x-ray to see that there are no broken bones.

We'll wait to see her in the morning before we head out. So we don't know when she'll wake up. I'll send out a note when we head out. It'll probably be 10-11a.m.

This was the first in a series of events instigated by my government. My government wanted to use these events to terrorize me into submission. They would refer to this period as their Reign of Terror.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's not like I'm complaining but...

I sent the following message to cleliabrigitta on Twitter.
@cleliabrigitta Just out of curiosity, what did I do to deserve your thanks?

I ask Jeff Kaye for help

I wrote the following message to Jeff Kaye on Twitter.
@jeff_kaye Read your article on Bruce Jessen. I have been subject to a program similar to his. Read my blog if you want more details.
He did not respond to this message. He would respond to one of my latter tweets, however.

Obama urges participation in TPP talks, Noda remains cautious

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, during their recent meeting, Obama told Noda that it was “unacceptable” that Japan was prioritizing her negotiations with China over her participation in TPP.

Boo hoo. Sniffle. Sniffle.

The Noda-Obama Meeting and the U.S.-Japan Security Alliance

“The Japan-U.S. alliance may exist in name, in organizational charts and contingency plans,” said Stephen Harner. “But in terms of the will of its principals to give it effect, to actually use it, I have profound doubts. And I think my doubts are shared by most people in Japan, including those responsible in government.”

Why would the alliance exist in our hearts when our governments continue to lie to each other and the people?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Someone sends me a tweet by mistake

A person whose Twitter username is cleliabrigitta posted the following message.
@NeilPaynter @anonpx @blithelyidiot @nicsha @obedoya Thank you!
As you can see, my username is included in this message (I’m the third username from the left). So someone said thank you to me. But why?

Someone reads my tweet

Someone found the wlfind tweet I posted earlier in the day and wrote the following in response.
The #wlfind Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @cleliabrigitta @anonpx @blithelyidiot @nicsha @obedoya
This tweet was written by a person whose username is NeilPaynter. Based on his username, I assume that this person’s real name is Neil Paynter.

Everyday, this person looks through the tweets posted with the hashtag wlfind. At the end of the day, this person posts a tweet that mentions the usernames of the people who posted stories that he found interesting.

Of course, today, he mentioned me.

Prime Minister Noda speaks at the UN

On September 23, Yoshihiko Noda spoke before the UN General Assembly.
The world is now undergoing tremendous changes, including those now under way in the Middle East and North Africa. These changes have been brought about through the aggregate consciousness of all individuals who have awoken.

One simple little tweet

At this time, WikiLeaks was encouraging the public to look through the documents they had released. If anyone found an interesting document, WikiLeaks wanted that person to post a link to that document on Twitter accompanied with the hashtag wlfind.

In the hopes of gaining more followers for my Twitter account (and hence more traffic for my blog), I tried doing just that. I posted the following message on Twitter.
#wlfind Cable describing links between Israel and organized crime.
This message initiated a chain of events that I am still having a hard time understanding.

Another victim

Today, for some reason, my government decided to point me in the direction of someone who seems to be suffering from the same afflictions that I have. While searching through Twitter, I found a post written by someone whose username is nicsha. In that post, nicsha said that it was hard to read the Cablegate documents while having “annoying” songs stuck in your head. Gee, that sounds familiar.

It appears that nicsha lives in Australia.1 My government seems to want to connect me to people who live in that country. Remember, the guy who liked my Libya article also lives in Australia (I think).

1 Many of nicsha’s tweets contain information about Australia. That is why I believe this person must live in that country.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Noda meets Obama

In New York, Noda met with Obama for the first time as prime minister.

Why so glum, guys?

But most importantly, why does Noda seem a half a foot taller than Obama? Noda is listed at 5 ft 7 while Obama is listed at 6 ft 1. Obama should tower over Noda. But in the picture, Noda seems to tower over Obama. How’d he pull that off? Did he take a page out of the North Korean diplomacy playbook?

If so, how’d he manage to do that when the meeting was in New York?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Please ask him to read my blog

I told my father that I still wanted Mr. Young to read my blog. To my knowledge, Mr. Young still has not read my blog.

Do you still want him to read your blog?

My father forwarded me a copy of Mr. Young’s email. He also attached the following message to that email.
Here is Mr. Young’s response to my email. Should I still ask him to read your blog?
Upon reading this email, my government tried to convince me that Mr. Young should not read my blog. Mr. Young is busy. You shouldn’t waste his time. He’s not interested in history. Leave him alone.

I post my first comment on Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes, the newspaper run by the Department of Defense, published an article on Okinawa. In the comments section, I wrote the following:
In case anyone is wondering about why this business of Futenma is such a big deal, read these two articles:
Surprisingly, my blog got a lot of traffic from this comment. According to my Stats page, people clicked on one of those two links seventy-four times. That is by far the most hits I have gotten from a single comment for this blog.

Subsequently, my government “told” me that Japan made them have a lot of people access my blog from this comment. Presumably, many of those people were military officials (remember that the article appeared on a website dedicated to the U.S. military). Apparently, Japan wanted to see if my government would try to manipulate and discredit them once they discovered the truth (as they have done to me). If so, then all this talk about how the Obama administration really cares about our soldiers is meaningless.

I'm not a history buff but...

Mr. Young replied to my father’s email. The following is an excerpt from that email.
I would be happy to start reading Mark's Blog on Asian History, but unfortunately I am not a real history buff. The interest will be more Mark than history. I am more a Philosophy person. History and Philosophy do have connections that are very interesting to discuss.

Former Afghanistan President Burhanuddin Rabbani assassinated

Today, for the millionth time, an “unexpected” event delayed the peace process in Afghanistan.

Reuters reported that Burhanuddin Rabbani, the head of the Afghan High Peace Council, had been assassinated. Needless to say, his assassination didn’t do wonders for the peace process.

“This is a big blow to peace process and huge loss for Afghanistan,” said Sadiqa Balkhi, another member of the peace council.

The assassination delayed a trilateral summit between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran which was scheduled for October.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My father sends an email to Mr. Young

My father sent Mr. Young an email asking him if he wanted to read my blog.

Have him read my new blog

I sent my father the following response.
When could you come for two weeks?

Yes, send Mr. Young the address of the new blog and be sure to tell
him to read it from the beginning (1977), not the end.
My parents would stay in Las Vegas for longer than two weeks much sooner than any of us had anticipated.

CNET interviews Richard Clarke

In an interview with CNET, Richard Clarke gave Obama high marks for his efforts to win the war against terrorism.

“If you look at what he did from almost the day he took over in terms of revitalizing the U.S. campaign against al Qaeda, it was really night and day,” said Clarke. “If you look at what he’s been able to do about destroying al Qaeda both in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it’s really quite remarkable. And we could have been doing that all along.”

The fact that we hadn’t done this prior to the Obama administration, but could have, implies that we didn’t want to go after those terrorists, presumably, because they were our assets.

By the way, CNET published a photo of Clarke at the top of the article. Once again, Richard Clarke proves that he is the master of fake, terrified smiles.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My parents can't stay for long

My father sent me the following response.
Hi Mark,
We can come and stay for a longer time period but it will be hard to stay for up to a month. We like to go see Chloe, so staying a month seems too long. Also, we can't in the next couple of months. We probably could work in say up to 2 weeks.

In October, Mrs. Chan is really busy at work and will not be able to babysit Chloe the 3 days a week she usually does. So, we're planning on going to LA to babysit more during Oct.

In Nov. Brent and Inez and Chloe want to go to Hawaii and have asked us to go with them. It would be great if you could go to. They're thinking of a week in Maui; we probably wouldn't stay a whole week. It would be really great if you could come to Hawaii with us.

How about you considering to come to Sunnyvale for a couple of weeks and then we could work on your stuff. Think about it.

Which blog do you think it would be best to introduce Mr. Young to first? The Chronicles of History?

So my parents couldn’t stay for long. On the other hand, perhaps something will happen that…

Police arrest Paul Ray Castillo

The police finally managed to arrest Paul Ray Castillo. They found him at a Little Caesar’s Pizza shop in West Sacramento.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A prophecy, not a request

I sent the following reply to my father.

By the way, I was thinking that maybe you guys could stay with me for say a month (we could rent a place in Vegas) and we could work together on what I am doing. What do you think?

And by the way, I was thinking that Mr. Young might be interested in what I am writing. If I remember correctly, earlier in his life he considered becoming a history teacher.

Two Arrests in Finland Are Linked to Terrorism

Finland arrested a man and a woman today. Finland accused them of recruiting terrorists and providing them with financing. Finland said the suspects only wanted to attack overseas targets.

“Finns really don’t have to be concerned,” said Paivi Rasanen, the interior minister. “They don’t have to worry or to fear.”

Presumably, they don’t have anything to fear because those two terrorists were assets of the Finnish government. Presumably, another government pressured Finland into arresting them.

I ask the Open Society Justice Initiative for help

I sent the following message to the Open Society Justice Initiative on Twitter.
@OSFJustice If you guys really care about human rights, read my blog ( from the beginning and then contact me.
They never got back to me.

Cindy Nguyen is dead

The police found the body of Cindy Nguyen at the 500 block of North 12th Street. They did not, however, find Paul Ray Castillo.

The death of Cindy Nguyen stunned the police and the Vietnamese community in San Jose.

“Yesterday, San Jose experienced a crime wave we have not seen in a single day in a very long time,” said Chris Moore, the police chief of San Jose.

Many Vietnamese Americans who lived in San Jose knew of Cindy Nguyen because she hosted a show on a local Vietnamese radio station.

“I’ve been getting so many phone calls,” said Madison Nguyen, a member of the San Jose City Council. “It’s really shaken up the Vietnamese community tremendously. She’s a very well-known figure in the community.”

Her body was found at a place located less than two miles away from where my father works.

My government “told” me that her death was connected to the article I posted two days earlier. I wrote that Japan had paid America $65 million for the return of Okinawa because of the Vietnam War. My government wanted me to believe that they killed Cindy Nguyen, a Vietnamese American, in retaliation. They killed her because I posted that article. Initially, right after my government “told” me this, I refused to believe them. However, the events of following month would convince me that my government was telling me the truth. But now, unfortunately – and ironically – no one believes me. And that is a shame.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Third officer-involved shooting in San Jose

Police found Paul Ray Castillo in the stolen Lexus near the intersection of King Road and Mabury Road. They fired at Castillo after he tried to run them over. Castillo managed to escape, again.

Still not done

My father sent me the following reply.
Hi Mark,
No, I have not read any more in the last two days. I have been working on my inputs for the Mtn View Temple's 50th anniversary album. This is going to continuing taking a lot of time over the next week. I need to get this done.
At this point, my blog wasn’t that big. I don’t think it should have taken more than a few hours to read. Given that I wanted to talk to my parents about my blog during their next visit, I needed them to read the thing before they arrived. The fact that they hadn’t was discouraging to me and further evidence that my government was doing something to them too.

Paul Ray Castillo steals a car

An hour after he shot someone, Castillo popped up at The Plant Shopping Center, located at the corner of Curtner and Monterey. While there he carjacked a Lexus owned by Cindy Nguyen and drove off. When he drove off, he took Cindy Nguyen with him.

That shopping center is located about two miles away from where my father works.

Cooperation potential is big with Japan

“Economic cooperation between China and Japan still has the possibility of further advancement under the current complicated and changeable situation,” said China Daily.

At the Pentagon, the specter of a sequester

The Washington Post published an interview between George Will and the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta.

“The next few months are going to tell us a hell of a lot,” said Panetta.

“But the meaning of what is told may not become clear for 10 years,” said Will.

Paul Ray Castillo shoots someone

Paul Ray Castillo shot a man at a gas station located in the 2200 Block of Lincoln Ave. in San Jose. After the shooting, Castillo disappeared.

Done yet?

I sent the following email to my father.
Have you finished reading my blog yet?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Second officer-involved shooting in San Jose

A half an hour before midnight, San Jose police spotted a stolen vehicle at the corner of McLaughlin Avenue and Barrington Court. Right after midnight, Filogonio Orozco got into the stolen vehicle and attempted to drive away. When the police tried to stop him, Orozco tried to run them over. The police responded by shooting Orozco. This was the second officer-involved shooting in San Jose during 2011.

In 2010, there were four officer-involved shootings in San Jose. In 2009, there were three officer-involved shootings in San Jose. Before today, there had only been one officer-involved shooting in the city during 2011. If you annualize that rate, you come up with something like 1.4 officer-involved shootings for 2011. That’s pretty good. Things, however, would get much worse very soon.

I grew up in Sunnyvale, which is located close to San Jose. In fact, my father works in San Jose, a fact that I’m sure is not lost on my government.

Looking for Pandora's Box

“Our special relationship with Japan will survive the war in Viet Nam and could ultimately be the basis for peace in Asia. But it is going to take hard work on both sides.”
George R. Packard III

It occurred to me that I shouldn’t just wait for the Japanese government to disclose the documents related to the money Japan paid to America for the reversion of Okinawa. And so on September 15, I sent a request to NARA, asking for the documents related to the $5 and $65 million payments made by Japan to America. In fact, it appears that America has already released the documents, which means I should be able to gain access to them.

My government has led me to believe that these documents indicate that Japan paid America the money as compensation for the Vietnam War. This implies that Japan is somehow responsible for the war.

My request for these documents must have made my government angry because after today, shares of TiVo and Vonage would decline rather sharply until September 22.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Parents are coming on the 25th

My father sent me the following email.
Hi Mark,
We're planning on coming to Vegas to visit you next on Sunday, Sept. 25th. and will leave on Thursday, the 29th.

Berlusconi's Austerity Plan Wins Final Approval in Parliament

In Italy, parliament passed a 54 billion euro austerity package.

Japan must move past close U.S. ties forged through 9/11

“If confusion should continue endlessly over the relocation issue, there will be no place for a deepening of bilateral relations,” said Yoshibumi Wakamiya, the editor-in-chief of the Asahi Shimbun. “Unless something is done about an island of bases that is nothing but an extension of the U.S. Occupation structure, it will be difficult for past enemies to become true friends.”


Is It All Obama's Fault?

On September 14, the New York Times published a conversation between Gail Collins and David Brooks.

“David, I’m so happy to be back conversing with you again!” exclaimed Gail Collins. “When I left in May you were very depressed about the way the country was going, but I see that things have changed and now you’re really, really, really depressed about the way the country is going.”

It looks like someone is not enjoying the New Diplomacy…

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Policy Speech by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda to the Diet

In his first policy speech before the Diet, Noda said a politician must have 誠心誠意 (seishin seii) - a “sincere spirit and just intent.” Then he said Japan would proceed forward with the existing plan to relocate Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. So much for sincerity and a just intent. He also said Japan would not become “inward-looking” during his administration. I’ll believe that when I see it.

Noda did have one interesting thing to say in his speech.
We now hear certain mocking comments from overseas suggesting that ‘procrastination and the inability to show political leadership’ are ‘the Japanese way.’ The trust and confidence that our country has earned up to now is currently in real danger of being lost.
Presumably, Noda was referring to Japanese political theater. Interestingly, his remarks imply that political theater is somehow new, when in fact it is very, very old. In fairness to Japan, every other democracy seems to be doing the same idiotic thing.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Prime Minister Noda meets with the families of the abductees

On September 11, Noda met with the family of Megumi Yokota, one of the people who North Korea abducted several decades ago. Noda said he would do everything he could to bring the abductees back to Japan.

Personally, I do not see Noda making any effort to resolve this issue, or any other issue related to Japan’s relations with its neighbors. If he really wants to resolve this issue, he should start by telling the public the truth, particularly the truth about me.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I ask Doug Bandow for help

I sent Doug Bandow, a senior fellow at the CATO Institute, the following message on Twitter.
@Doug_Bandow Read your 9/11 article. Let’s change America. My government is torturing me. Please help me make them stop.
He never replied.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't go there

I posted the following on Twitter.
Lately, my Internet is cutting out sometimes when I go to a website I’ve never been to before.
Actually, this had been happening to me for some time. My government “told” me that, before they would allow me to look at a new website, they needed to make sure the website contained no information that they did not want me to read.

Can't register at the WSJ

I tried to create an account at the Wall Street Journal so I could post a comment on one of their articles. But once again, I never received the email from them which would allow me to activate my account. So I was unable to post my comment.

Noda Striving To Rebuild Shaken Japan-U.S. Alliance

In an article published by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, one Japanese government official said the way the Hatoyama administration handled the relocation of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma had inflicted “huge damage to the alliance.”

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My father still doesn't believe me

My father sent me the following email.
Hi Mark,
I guess I remembered “74” because the prof died in ‘73’ and I just misremembered the year.

I agree that mini tsunami’s could be started by conventional bombs. But a huge tsunami requires nuclear bombs and probably several of them. The signature of these bombs would be so easy to detect that no one would be foolish enough to try it. Plus those who would have bombs available to do this would be few and the backlash would be fierce.

To think of this as a wartime weapon is one thing but as a way to blackmail countries during peace time, I don't think, anyone is so foolish.

Actually, I talked to my father over the phone yesterday about the article. I think he said much the same thing.

This is the third sentence of the tsunami bomb article.
Professor Thomas Leech’s work was considered so significant that United States defence chiefs said that if the project had been completed before the end of the war it could have played a role as effective as that of the atom bomb.
This sentence implies that you do not need to use atomic bombs to create a sizable tsunami. Remember, we created the atomic bomb at the end of the war. Those U.S. defense officials in the above quote seem to be implying that had Professor Leech completed his project before we assembled our first atomic bomb, we could have used the tsunami bomb to end the war instead of using the atomic bomb. If we needed the atomic bomb to make a tsunami bomb, there would have been no use for the tsunami bomb. We could have just nuked Japan (which is what we did).

If I remember correctly, after I discovered the tsunami bomb article, I decided that all I needed to do was to keep working towards revealing the truth. Sooner or later, I would succeed because I kept finding new evidence which supported my theories.

My government keeps threatening to reveal the truth by releasing bits and pieces of information. When they do that, I gain more evidence which I can use. Sooner or later, I will have enough evidence to make people believe me.

Kurt Campbell speaks at CSIS

On September 7, Kurt Campbell gave a lecture at CSIS. According to him, over the past few years, he has discovered two truths, one of which is…
I think that the second thing that I have discovered personally is a general disappointment with the lack of performance on the part of the United States and indeed other countries on implementing our overall gameplan in the Pacific and a deep recognition that we need to do better. We need to better work together in terms of ensuring greater coordination on a variety of issues, but also reflect more honestly about the nature of what some of the challenges are that we are facing in the Pacific as a whole.
I am still waiting.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I tell my father about the tsunami bomb article

I wrote the following email to my father (the link goes to the tsunami bomb article).
I just found this:

And by the way, how are you coming on reading my blog? It might be better if you read it through once quickly, and then you can get the whole picture and decide what needs more information, what could be rearranged, etc.

Surely everyone will believe me now

This afternoon, I discovered the article which describes the tsunami bomb.

Remember, back in August, my father had told me that he needed to see some evidence before he would believe that a government was capable of triggering an earthquake. With this article, finally, I thought, I had the evidence to show that triggering an earthquake and a tsunami was possible.

The article said that New Zealand had created mini-tidal waves by using a series of small-scale underwater explosions. The article said that, according to U.S. officials, this project was so significant that had the project been completed before the end of World War II, America could have used this tsunami bomb to end the war instead of using the atomic bomb. The article also stated that Britain and America wanted to continue to develop the project after the war.

Surely, with this new evidence, my father would believe me, right?


I wrote a message to the Yomiuri Shimbun

I wrote the following tweet to the Yomiuri Shimbun.
@DailyYomiuri Want to boost relations with America? Start telling the truth.
They never sent me a reply. And they never told the truth.


Afghan Peace Talks: A Primer

The Council on Foreign Relations held a discussion panel on the peace negotiations in Afghanistan. James J. Shinn, James Dobbins, and Frank G. Wisner participated in the discussion. Shinn was the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs during the final year of the Bush administration. Dobbins was the lead negotiator for America at the 2001 Bonn Conference on Afghanistan. Wisner used to work for the State Department (he was the U.S. ambassador to Zambia, then Egypt, then the Philippines, and then India). Wisner moderated the discussion panel. Shinn and Dobbins gave their spiel on how to end the war.

Dobbins spoke first. He started off by offering his answer to the following question. Why couldn’t we just leave Afghanistan and allow the Taliban to take over the country? That’s a pretty good question. Our original goal (at least the one we stated publicly), was to eliminate Al Qaeda, not the Taliban. Why would we have to occupy Afghanistan to do that? After all, Al Qaeda is in Yemen and North Africa. But we don’t have 100,000 troops in those areas. And the Al Qaeda forces there have had limited success in conducting acts of terrorism overseas. So why do we need 100,000 troops in Afghanistan to stop the Al Qaeda forces there?

According to Dobbins, Afghanistan is different. Afghanistan is the only country where the government was allied with Al Qaeda. As such, were the Taliban to return to power they would provide sanctuary to Al Qaeda. To prevent that from happening, America can do any one of three things, according to Dobbins. America could destroy Al Qaeda. America could destroy the Taliban. Or America could separate the Taliban from Al Qaeda. He says that America cannot destroy either organization because both organizations have sanctuaries in Pakistan. That means America has no choice but to break the link between the two.

He argues that Afghanistan is a “weak state” that is being “pulled apart” by her neighbors. And so for the negotiations to succeed, they must include Afghanistan’s neighbors (Russia, America, Pakistan, Iran, and India).

He says the Obama administration agrees with his assessment of the situation in Afghanistan. The only difference between him and the administration is that he wants a neutral mediator to handle the negotiations. And the administration apparently doesn’t want that, at least not right now. But he thinks the administration will eventually come around to his position on this issue.

Shinn spoke after Dobbins. According to him, the Taliban reads everything the U.S. media publishes on Afghanistan. That means they know we will withdraw by 2014. They don’t believe they need to negotiate because they believe they can simply wait for us to leave.1 According to Dobbins, in order to force the Taliban into negotiating, America must make it clear that we would be willing to stay indefinitely, perhaps with 20,000 troops.

But even if we could get them to negotiate, according to Shinn, getting an agreement would not be easy because there is not one single group of insurgents to negotiate with. There are several different groups including the Quetta Shura, the Haqqani Network, and Hezbi Islami. And there is another problem, according to Shinn. The leaders of the insurgency do not have full control over their soldiers and so if they agree to something, they may not be able to make their soldiers abide by the agreement.

Both Shinn and Dobbins agreed that the Pakistanis must be dealt with in order to reach a peace agreement. According to Shinn, the Pakistanis have an incredible degree of control over the Taliban. In fact, the Taliban cannot even begin negotiations until the Pakistanis give them permission. So in order for negotiations to succeed, we must placate the Pakistanis. According to Dobbins, the Pakistanis say they want the following. They want the Taliban to have enough influence in Afghanistan so they will leave Pakistan and so they can keep the Indian secret service away from the Afghan / Pakistani border (Pakistan accuses Indian intelligence of operating in that area. Pakistan accuses India of using the disgruntled people in Baluchistan to stir up trouble. Apparently, they want the Taliban to put an end to that). Pakistan says they don’t want the Taliban to dominate Afghanistan. Now this is what the Pakistanis say. But, according to Dobbins, they may be lying. Despite their rhetoric, Pakistan may still want the Taliban to dominate Afghanistan once again. Or the Pakistanis may be telling the truth because…

“They recognize that having a Taliban-dominated government in Kabul would just open the way to a replication of what they experienced in 2001,” said Dobbins.

If you think about it, this statement implies that America staged 9/11 so we could remove the Taliban from power.

During the Q&A session, someone called Wolfgang asked Dobbins if America would provide the leadership necessary to end the war. Dobbins said America should not be seen as leading the negotiations process.

“I think the Afghans have to be seen to be in the lead even if they are in fact operating largely as a result of external pressures and those pressures have to be fairly delicate, fairly subtle and fairly quiet,” said Dobbins.

Richard Haass argued that America should not enmesh herself in the peace negotiations. We only need to break the link between Al Qaeda and the Taliban. All we have to do is have a policy wherein we will attack the Taliban if they partner with Al Qaeda. He thinks we could do this with five to ten thousand soldiers in Afghanistan.

In response, Dobbins argued that leaving Afghanistan in a state of civil war would provide “fertile ground” for extremist groups. The participants in this war would partner with terrorist groups. He believes the Taliban will be aligned with Al Qaeda as long as the civil war continues. And if the Taliban win, we won’t be able to effectively deal with Al Qaeda because we won’t have any military bases in Afghanistan. We need those bases so we can collect the necessary intelligence. And we need those bases so we can launch attacks against Al Qaeda. Without those bases, we’d be stuck doing what we did during the Clinton administration: “long-range strikes against targets which have largely been vacated by the time your missile gets there.” Of course, throughout this discussion, Dobbins failed to mention that our intelligence community knew about 9/11 before it happened. Obviously, our intelligence on Al Qaeda was pretty good at the time. But I digress.

Everyone who participated in the discussion seemed to agree that leaving Afghanistan in a state of civil war would negatively impact the region. Someone named Jean-Marie said there can’t be a “long-term, low intensity conflict” in Afghanistan with a reduced U.S. military presence. Such a scenario would poison and destabilize the entire region – Pakistan, Central Asia, and perhaps even India. India and Pakistan may even start fighting each other. And so we have to negotiate.

Shinn agreed with this assessment. Leaving Afghanistan in a state of war would have “dire regional consequences.” And unfortunately, the other countries in the region are not willing to do anything to make peace. In fact, one Russian official even told him that he hoped America would lose in Afghanistan.

Professor Nadiri agreed that the conflict would expand beyond Afghanistan if America withdrew and he chided America for refusing to punish Pakistan when she misbehaved. He said that poverty is a problem in Afghanistan because her neighbors can always use money to make Afghans fight each other.

But if you think about it, the region should not become destabilized if America leaves Afghanistan. I find it ironic that someone like Shinn would argue that the Taliban would destabilize Pakistan. He just got through saying that Pakistan controlled the Taliban. And indeed, the Pakistani government originally created the Taliban in the first place. Why would the Pakistani government have the Taliban destabilize their own country? That’s absurd. And the idea that the Taliban could destabilize Central Asia sounds very far fetched to me. The Taliban is a movement made up of Pashtuns. Pashtuns make up a significant portion of the population in southern Afghanistan and north Pakistan. But the northern portion of Afghanistan, the part that is next to Central Asia, is made up of Tajiks and Uzbeks. In other words, the northern part of Afghanistan is full of Central Asians. Those people formed the Northern Alliance during the nineties and fought the Taliban. I find it very hard to believe that they will now accept the Taliban as rulers. And I find it very hard to believe that the Taliban could enter a group of countries in which they have no legitimacy and take over.

The argument that the region will become destabilized if America leaves is so ridiculous that one must ask themselves why the Americans and Europeans are making this argument (I believe that several of the participants during the Q&A session who made this argument were Europeans as they spoke English with a European accent).

Perhaps America is making this argument because she does not want to leave Afghanistan. Perhaps she wants to be an empire. Perhaps whoever is running America wants to stay in Afghanistan so Congress will continue to allocate lots of money to the U.S. military.

On the other hand, perhaps Europe wants America to remain bogged down in Afghanistan. Perhaps Europe is threatening to destabilize Central Asia and Pakistan if America leaves. Perhaps the Europeans want to put America in a no win situation. If America stays in Afghanistan, we will continue to suffer loses. But if we leave, Europe will secretly use their proxies in the region to destabilize Central Asia and Pakistan. And then everyone will blame America for what happened. They will say we did a crappy job in Afghanistan and that is why Central Asia and Pakistan have become destabilized.

Or perhaps the Americans and Europeans are secretly working together. They want others to believe that Europe will screw up the region if America leaves. And so if America stays in Afghanistan, the U.S. military is happy because they get to continue to spend lots of money and they get to occupy a foreign country. But if America leaves, the West is happy because then they get to jack up Central Asia and Pakistan. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few years, it is the following. There is nothing the West likes more than to make Muslims suffer (remember, the entire region is basically Muslim).

This will not stand.

1 Interestingly however, later on Shinn says the Taliban want to negotiate at a location outside of Afghanistan. That implies they do want to negotiate.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Toyota to Make Key Hybrid Parts in China

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported that Toyota would manufacture the key components of hybrid vehicles in China.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Couldn't register for WikiLeaks forum

I tried to register for the WikiLeaks forum but I didn’t get a confirmation email so I couldn’t activate my account. Around this time, I would often fail to receive a confirmation email after registering at a new website, meaning that I could not post anything on that website. It was a pretty big problem for me, and very frustrating.

Things would improve, however, once I started doing two things. I started checking my spam folder for the confirmation emails and I started making a note every time I didn’t receive a confirmation email. I think I only found one confirmation email in my spam folder, but I think this process convinced my government to allow me to receive confirmation emails because missing confirmation emails look suspicious and are further evidence that my government is doing something to me.

I don’t think I checked my spam folder for the WikiLeaks confirmation email. But I doubt the confirmation email went there, because a little over a week later I would successfully register for the website (I’m pretty sure the confirmation email went straight to my inbox that time).

I ask Jody Godoy for help

I sent the following tweet to Jody Godoy, a reporter for Kyodo News.
@jodygodoy Read your story about the WW2 internees. Unfortunately, America has not improved its treatment of some of us:
She never replied.

I ask WikiLeaks for help

I used Twitter to ask WikiLeaks for help. The message I sent is pretty long. It has six parts: one two three four five six. The following is the message in its entirety.
I know you guys know who I am. Here's your chance to redeem yourselves. My name is Mark Murata. I own the blog called Blogging for a New World Order. I have been publishing information given to me by my government in an attempt to pressure other governments (this wasn't my dipshit idea). In order to get me to do this, my government has been torturing me. I believe you guys know about me. But you guys seem to want to keep my existence a secret, just like my government does. In case you guys change your mind, do something to publicize this: It is the story of has been happening to me. Feel free to take whatever you want.
WikiLeaks never replied.

(Yeah, I know I forgot the word “what” in the last sentence. Whoops.)

Friday, September 2, 2011

I ask Save Tom Drake for help

Apparently, there is an organization called Save Tom Drake. This organization is dedicated to helping Tom Drake, an NSA whistleblower, escape the wrath of his government. I thought they might be able to help me so I wrote them the following message on Twitter.
Since you guys seem to have had some success fighting the government, perhaps you could give me a few tips. This is what the U.S. government has been doing to me.
I sent this message in two tweets. The first one is here. The second one is here.

I never heard back from them.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Parents leave on September 1

My parents left Las Vegas today.

Apparently, my government did not appreciate my efforts to convince my parents that my government was abusing me. Vonage shares would plummet on September 1 and September 2. They would lose 13%, dropping from $3.62 to $3.15.

Boo hoo. Sniffle. Sniffle.