Tuesday, August 9, 2011

World politics enters uncharted waters

On August 9, the Global Times published an editorial called “World politics enters uncharted waters.” According to the newspaper, the global media has started to refer to the U.S. government as “incompetent.”

“The real problem is that the US denies its own problems,” said the Global Times. “It is confronted with new competitions and challenges, but still takes its system for ideal and denigrates all those that disagree. Such arrogant behavior is at the very core of the US downfall.”

Instead of doing anything to fix its problems, the West talks about its past achievements. In America, both political parties – the Democrats and the Republicans – tell the people that they will enact welfare programs that their country cannot afford.

“Perhaps the US needs to undergo more pains before it finally makes real change,” said the Global Times. “Before that, it will likely experience a troubled time, as many European countries continue to have.”

The Global Times noted that the Internet affects America just like it affects China. By saying this, presumably, the newspaper was hinting that China was using the Internet to disclose information damaging to the West just like the West was using the Internet to release information damaging to China.

At the end of the article, the Global Times said that China needed to avoid making any serious mistakes.

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