Friday, July 2, 2010

Where Is Your Military Might, Europe?

The New York Times published a second op-ed written by Therese Delpech on July 2, 2010. In this article, Delpech bemoaned the lack of military might in Europe.

“The fact is that Europe does not have the option of a kind of post-modern, undeclared neutrality,” said Delpech.

In this article, in stark contrast to the last one, she appeared very fearful of China.

“China is present in Central Asia, in the Middle East, in Africa and in Latin America — which is to say, everywhere,” said Delpech.

Basically, by this point, Delpech had changed her attitude completely.

“Europe knows all too well that international relations, like nature, abhor a vacuum, and that candidates for the next exercise of power — and they are never in short supply — are often more formidable than they may seem to be at first,” said Delpech.

In her first article, Delpech tried to scare everybody into submission by telling everyone how many people Europe has killed over the years. A couple of months later, Sarkozy went to Rwanda and basically told the world that France was responsible for the deaths of close to a million people during the genocide there. Apparently, Sarkozy was thinking the same thing that Delpech was thinking – let’s try and scare the rest of the world into submission.


Unfortunately for them, as part of the New Diplomacy, it appears that someone told France that the West should try and scare the world into submission. But that’s not what those sneaky, treacherous people really wanted. What they really wanted was for France to admit its responsibility for its crimes.

During this period, all sorts of sensitive information was getting posted on the Internet. And at this crucial moment, when the world was figuring everything out, Sarkozy and Delpech decided to tell everyone that Europe, and France in particular, was responsible for the atrocities that have plagued the world.


Bow down. Bow down.

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