Thursday, August 18, 2011


I was exercising at the gym located in the Siena Suites when all of a sudden a man came walking in with a can of beer and a brown bag to cover it. He said he decided to come into the gym because it was hot outside. He opened the can of beer and started talking to me. He said he was a cook in the U.S. Navy. According to him, not too long ago, he was stationed in Japan. Amazingly, he said he was stationed at Kadena on Okinawa. He told me that foreigners couldn’t go into certain bars in Japan because the locals couldn’t stand them. At some point in the conversation, I mentioned that I was Japanese-American. He said he could tell by looking at me. He asked me if my parents lived in the concentration camps during World War II. I told him that my mother was born in one of them. He said it was wrong what the government did. After exercising for my usual 20 minutes, I told him that it was nice meeting him and I left.

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