Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh, that's why Noda is glum

The day after the DPJ made Yoshihiko Noda the next prime minister, the Japanese media published a series of articles about him. According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, early in his life, Noda learned that a politician must risk his life to do his job. Apparently, he learned this lesson after the assassination of Inejiro Asanuma. For some reason, Noda found this lesson inspiring.

The Asahi Shimbun reported that Noda had referred to himself as “an ordinary man.” It is ironic that Noda used the word “ordinary” to refer to himself because another Japanese prime minister was also called “ordinary.” That prime minister was Keizo Obuchi. On April 1, 2000, Obuchi, while serving as prime minister, suffered a stroke and died a few days later.

Taken together, it seems like the Japanese media is hinting that Yoshihiko Noda may die during his term as prime minister. No wonder why he appears glum.

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