Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Missing notification email from Twitter

In response to the message sent by Our Man in Abiko, tokyorich wrote the following.
@ourmaninabiko @BlithelyIdiot The revisions likely relate to the change in PM from Hitoshi Ashida to Yoshida Shigeru.
Initially, I did not know that tokyorich had sent me this message because I didn’t receive a notification email. But I should have. My Twitter account is configured so that I will receive a notification email every time someone sends me a message. Earlier in the day, I did receive a notification email informing me that Our Man in Abiko had sent me a message. But I didn’t get one for the message tokyorich sent me.

Somehow, the government must have impeded the delivery of the second notification email. Perhaps they sent the notification email to my spam folder. Normally, that should not happen. Remember, Twitter had no problems sending me a notification email for the message Our Man in Abiko sent me. And there was nothing in the message sent by tokyorich that should trigger a spam filter.

Eventually, I would find out about the message tokyorich sent me. But for today, at least, I remained in the dark. My government must have been pleased with this. After declining for three days, TiVo shares would soar 45 cents to $8.25.

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