Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I read a speech to my parents

I read the following to my parents today, almost verbatim.
The government seems to be manipulating you two as well. Both of you seem to want me to do anything but what I am doing. When I moved into Sienna Suites, my mother told me to watch more TV. A couple of months back, my mother wanted me to get a Nintendo 3DS so I would spend less time on what I am doing.

I am your son. I have told you that my government is violating my civil rights. Even if you don't believe everything I say, both of you should be more interested in what I am writing. But as far as I can tell, my mother hasn't read anything that I have written. And my father doesn't seem all that interested in reading what I have written either.

Linda did read my website. When she wrote me an email, she said that some of my writing could use more evidence. I asked her to tell me which posts needed more evidence and she never got back to me.

And then when you finally did get around to reading what I wrote, for example, the Libya article. You said you had a really hard time reading that article. That sounds a lot like the problems I have been having reading other articles.

The reason why I believe the government is doing something to me is because my health changes too frequently. The day before you guys came I was feeling almost normal. But on the day you guys came, I felt really tired and I could not concentrate or hold a thought.

I want you guys to read my new blog and I want you guys to give me feedback on what I have written. The government may decide to make it hard for you guys to read my blog. I want both of you to record how you are feeling when you read the blog. Does your head feel strange, like you almost have a headache but not quite? Does your stomach feel strange? Occasionally, I want you guys to blow your nose and see if you can smell any chemicals. And, of course, make a note if you have any hallucinations or you are hearing voices. By the way, the hallucinations can come at night when you close your eyes and try to go to sleep.
After the debacle at Midori, I figured that I should write down exactly what I wanted to say before trying to convince my parents of anything. Unfortunately, this didn’t work either. My parents still didn’t believe me. And my mother still refused to read my blog. So I had to keep working at it.

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