Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I ask tokyorich for more information

Because I didn’t know that tokyorich has already responded to my question, I was considering whether or not to send him a message asking him why America had removed those paragraphs from NSC 13/1. In the end, I decided to send him a message. But right before I was going to write it, while I was accessing my Twitter account, by coincidence, I happened to notice that tokyorich had already answered my question.

Later on, I was “told” that had I decided against sending tokyorich a message, my government would have prevented me from ever discovering that he had already answered my question. My question would have gone unanswered, at least from my perspective.

After having read the message that tokyorich sent me, I decided to ask him for more information, and so I sent the following reply to him.
@tokyorich You're probably right. But I don't know much about Hitoshi Ashida. I don't suppose you have an article you could point me to...
This message made my government angry. Later today, TiVo shares would fall 13 cents to $8.12. However, my government would soon feel much better.

As far as I know, tokyorich never replied to the message I sent him on this day. This made my government ecstatic. TiVo shares went through the roof tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that. Over that three day period, TiVo shares rose $2.52 to $10.64.

Without question, I must learn more about Hitoshi Ashida.

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