Friday, December 10, 2010

WikiLeaky Power

A former French diplomat, Pierre Buhler, wrote an article on WikiLeaks for Project Syndicate.

“[WikiLeaks] will leave behind no trace of understanding if it is assessed in isolation, rather than as part of a broader pattern,” he said. “WikiLeaks’ latest release demonstrates that the transformation of power by the ‘digital revolution’ could be as far-reaching as that brought about by the fifteenth-century printing revolution. In this game, where new players invite themselves, the edge goes to agility and innovation. All of this implies that connectedness will remain a double-edged sword – the leverage it provides being fraught with vulnerability. And that means that we can count on more surprises in store for states.”

The broader pattern is that states are using their citizens, such as me, to post secrets on the web. They do this in an attempt to scare other states into doing their bidding.

WikiLeaks would be perhaps the most transformative event in the history of man if the organization were able to tell the public the truth. Unfortunately, it seems neither willing nor able to do so.

As for a double-edged sword, I have a feeling that Buhler is again referring to me. While America may have tried to use me to pressure other states, other states can also use me to pressure America, especially if they know what America has been doing to me.

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