Monday, July 18, 2011

Why aren't we working with Japan and India?

The Washington Post published an op-ed written by Mike Green and Daniel Twining. In their article, they accused the Obama administration of mishandling our relationships with Japan and India.

“The Obama administration needs to consider what has shifted in these pivotal relationships and where it bears responsibility for the listlessness in our two biggest strategic partnerships in Asia,” said the authors.

According to them, India and Japan had decided to “pursue self-help strategies” because the Obama administration’s approach to China had convinced them that America would not defend our “common interests.” By “self-help strategies,” I assume the authors were referring to the free trade agreement that India and Japan had just recently completed. I am sure that the authors were not happy that Indian companies and Japanese companies would soon gain easy access to each other’s market while American companies remained on the outside looking in.

Not surprisingly, in their article, the authors hinted that that India and Japan might deserve a great deal of criticism. Apparently, the Obama administration was particularly fed up with Japan, as according to the authors, “senior Obama administration officials pepper talks about Japan with eye-rolling and expressions of exasperation.” However, the authors note that Japan and India “are the only Japanese and Indians we have, and a bolder vision for these critical partnerships is essential.”

In retrospect, it appears that we decided to cooperate more closely with Japan in order to convince China to strengthen her currency. On June 17, the dollar traded at 6.47 yuan. On July 18, a month later when this article was published, the dollar traded at 6.4688 yuan. The dollar had weakened by a mere .0012 yuan in a month’s time. I am sure that this made America and Europe very angry.

Apparently, it dawned on super genius Mike Green that the West must cooperate with Japan in order to get China to strengthen the yuan. Apparently, Japan insisted that we must reveal the truth about the history between China, America, and Japan in order to pressure China into strengthening her currency. Apparently, as part of this strategy, Japan insisted that I find and write an article about a 60 year old document: NSC 13/3.

Interestingly, from the date this story was published, July 18, until July 26, the dollar dropped in almost a straight line, falling from 6.4688 yuan to 6.4411 yuan. In eight days, the dollar weakened by .0277 yuan. That’s 23 times the amount the dollar had weakened in the month leading up to the publication of this article.

Apparently, simply indicating that America would work with Japan convinced China to strengthen the yuan. That, of course, leads to the question…why would China do such a thing?

I can think of at least two reasons why. Perhaps China agreed to play along because she truly values her relationship with Japan. And here’s another reason. Perhaps China also wanted America to reveal the truth about the history between our three nations.

Ooh, those sneaky, treacherous guys. They really take the cake.

Of course, it is possible that Mike Green understood what Japan and China had in mind. Remember, only a couple of days earlier, I posted a picture of Mike Green looking somewhat glum. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

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