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On April 16, 2010, Stanley McChrystal gave a speech on Afghanistan at IHEDN. That speech had one really interesting line in it.

“In the years since the coalition has been there - the international community back in numbers – we’ve made a lot of mistakes,” said McChrystal. “We, the international community, all of us, have made many mistakes, usually because we didn't understand.”

Unfortunately, McChrystal doesn’t bother to explain that quote. He doesn’t say what the mistakes were nor does he say what was misunderstood.

Here’s my guess as to what he meant. It appears to me that the international community has used Afghanistan as a battleground to fight amongst themselves.

Back in 2008, in an effort to placate America, Japan considered sending some of its helicopters to Afghanistan. America had been asking Japan to do something to help improve the situation in Afghanistan. But before Japan would send those helicopters to Afghanistan, Japan told America that “the international community – especially Afghanistan, the UK, Germany, and Canada -- must welcome and support publicly the Japanese plan.” In addition, “the United States should highlight the importance of Japan’s mission regardless of the substance of the activities.”

This information was contained in one of the diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks. After reading that cable, you may wonder why Japan wanted the approval of Britain, Germany, Canada, and America before Japan would send its personal to Afghanistan. I am willing to bet that Japan believes as I do – that those four countries are busy fighting it out in Afghanistan and Japan refused to be a part of it. Japan needed the approval of those countries because if one of those countries didn’t support the plan, they might attack Japanese personal in Afghanistan.

It looks to me like the different terrorist groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan are all supported by foreign countries. For example, it looks like Canada supported Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan. Canada only designated that group a terrorist organization on July 6 of this year, despite all the acts of terrorism committed by that organization over the previous four years. Perhaps Canada supported that organization before July 6. Perhaps Canada merely designated that organization a terrorist organization because some other countries were pressuring it to do so. Perhaps Canada will continue to support TTP while claiming otherwise.

Of course, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that America would have its own group of terrorists in Afghanistan. After all, the CIA originally provided funding to the Afghans so they could fight the Soviet Union.

As part of the reconciliation process, the Taliban has met with U.S. officials on more than one occasion in Germany. It was probably no coincidence that the talks were held in Germany. Not surprisingly, France wants to get in on the negotiations process also. Ahmed Rashid, a Pakistani journalist who covers Afghanistan, has begged his fellow journalists to keep the details of the negotiations secret, saying that the negotiations will fail otherwise. He says that the participants want secrecy. Of course, if the insurgents in Afghanistan are backed by Western governments, both the insurgents and those governments would want nothing more than a little bit of secrecy to hide the truth about their conduct.
Earlier in the day, TiVo shares closed at $10.78 and Vonage shares closed at $4.78. From here, they would both decline until August 9. Of course, my government didn’t like this article, but the real reason why those shares declined was because I was shifting my focus away from Blogging for a New World Order and toward my new blog. This blog.

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