Monday, July 11, 2011

The history of the Vietnam War still hasn't been written

“I don’t think the history of the Vietnamese war will be written before the year 2000. I think by the year 2000 we will see what the import of the Vietnamese war was in southeast Asia, but it will take that long to, I think, sift it out. I don’t think you could get the history of the Vietnamese war by studying any of our papers. I certainly wouldn’t want to take it out of the big papers. It’s my opinion that it has been the poorest reported war of the four that I’ve had something to do with.”
– General Bruce Clarke

Today, on his blog, Tom Ricks posted an article about this quote.

“The more I learn about the Vietnam war, the more I agree with him,” said Ricks.

Soon after Ricks posted this quote, a flurry of commentators began responding to this article in the comments section. Several of these comments were very interesting, as you will see. I am sure that some government somewhere must have gotten these commentators to post their opinions as part of the New Diplomacy. I don’t know if these commentators realized that they were being used for this purpose.

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