Thursday, June 30, 2011

U.C. Berkeley deletes a bunch of videos from its website

Yet another significant data alternation / deletion on the Internet occurred on this day.

For the past decade, UC Berkeley has been posting the video of some of its classes online. One of those classes was “IAS 180: Issues in Foreign Policy after 911.”

On June 30, 2011, the university replaced its old web server and in the process failed to migrate many of its old videos to the new server. The vast majority of the videos for IAS 180 vanished from the website.

This is significant because I believe that many of those videos were historically important. Many of those videos implicate America and Europe in all sorts of criminal activity (mostly acts of terrorism). I’m sure our government was happy to see them brought down. Luckily, I managed to download several of the old videos from that class before June 30.

On August 28, I sent Harry Kreisler, the instructor for IAS 180, an email asking him if I could post the videos on YouTube. It will be interesting to see if I hear back from him.

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