Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Pentagon Papers

I posted the following article on Blogging for a New World Order.
On June 13, the U.S. government posted the Pentagon Papers on its website. Those documents offer more evidence that the West created the Cold War to split China and Japan.

At a news conference on April 7, 1954, a reporter asked President Eisenhower why Vietnam was important to America. In response, President Eisenhower laid out the consequences of allowing Vietnam to fall into Communist hands.

“It takes away, in its economic aspects, that region that Japan must have as a trading area or Japan, in turn, will have only one place in the world to go -- that is, toward the Communist areas in order to live,” said President Eisenhower. “So, the possible consequences of the loss are just incalculable to the free world.”

On March 12, 1954, the Joint Chiefs of Staff wrote a memorandum on Vietnam to the Secretary of Defense. Like President Eisenhower, they said that allowing Vietnam to become Communist would eventually force Japan to become Communist. They also noted the danger of a Japan aligned with China and Southeast Asia.

“The rice, tin, rubber, and oil of Southeast Asia and the industrial capacity of Japan are the essential elements which Red China needs to build a monolithic military structure far more formidable than that of Japan prior to World War II,” said the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “If this complex of military power is permitted to develop to its full potential, it would ultimately control the entire Western and Southwestern Pacific region and would threaten South Asia and the Middle East.”
On Monday, TiVo and Vonage shares rose. But remember, my parents had just completed their sixth trip to Las Vegas. My government decided to drive TiVo and Vonage shares higher because I didn’t try to convince my parents that my government was doing something to me. As far as my government was concerned, my interaction with my parents was much more important than what I posted on my blog.

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