Thursday, June 30, 2011

Message from the Director: Arrivederci

On June 30, 2011, Leon Panetta issued a farewell statement to the CIA on his last day serving as its leader. As CIA director, Panetta said he was “awed by technological marvels.” He did not say what those marvels were. I am pretty sure he was referring to whatever the government is doing to me. According to Panetta, the CIA applied its “unique strengths” in “fighting the cyber threat.” I assume the “cyber threat” is the threat that the information the CIA wants to keep quiet becomes public knowledge - for instance, information about all the illegal things they have been doing. From an emotional standpoint, Panetta said his tenure had taken him from the depths to the heights.

“We had one hell of a ride together,” said Panetta.

It certainly has been one hell of a ride.

What is interesting is that the government is once again releasing information that sort of corroborates my story. I think they are trying to frighten other governments into thinking that America will soon reveal the truth.

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