Saturday, May 21, 2011

Special relationship in the spotlight

According to the Daily Telegraph, the relationship between Britain and America nearly collapsed in the final days of the Brown administration and it was up to David Cameron to rebuild the relationship. That effort would begin, according to the newspaper, in the upcoming meeting between Cameron and Obama, a meeting in which they would discuss “real, substantive issues.”

“The President will be asking some awkward questions,” said the Telegraph.

Among other things, the President would ask the prime minister about the radicalization of British Muslims. The Telegraph noted that more Gitmo detainees had been radicalized in London mosques than in any other country in the West.

“The spotlight is on Cameron,” said the Telegraph. “For if he cannot give plausible answers to these difficult questions, his – and Britain’s – credibility in the Obama White House will be damaged.”

This article provides further evidence that America is not the only country with a MKULTRA type program. And note how the Telegraph advices Cameron to give Obama a plausible explanation about the radicalization of British Muslims, not a truthful explanation. Reading between the lines, it appears that the Telegraph wants Britain to continue to radicalize its Muslims, though perhaps in an effort to placate Obama, the newspaper believes Britain should scale back its radicalization program, or at least do something to prevent its terrorists from killing Americans.

By the way, I have a feeling Britain realized she had to confront this radicalization issue because people like me had been harping on this issue for the past several years on the Internet.

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