Monday, November 15, 2010

NATO summit a turning point in Afghan war: U.S. envoy

Reuters talked to Richard Holbrooke about Afghanistan.

"What happened in 1989 was a straight line to 9/11, and from 9/11 to where we are today," said Holbrooke. "It is the most extraordinary story of unintended consequences I think in American foreign policy history."

Someone from our government really needs to explain his quote. In the meantime, I'll give it a shot.

In 1989, the Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan. Instead of negotiating a coalition government, we had the Mujahideen and the existing government continue their war against each other. Somehow, that led to 9/11. I'm not exactly sure how. But after 9/11, we seemed to go on a binge of threatening to disclose classified information in order to get other countries to do our bidding. So much information, in fact, that an attentive observer might be able to figure out what's going on by themselves.

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