Monday, May 16, 2011

My twitterspat with Paul Kagame

Two days ago, a journalist got into an argument with Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda, on Twitter. Today, that journalist, Ian Birell, published an article about the argument. After reading the article, my government “made” me write the following note in the comments section.
More theater. Isn't that great?

I guess this is the point where I come in and say...

If you really want to know why the Rwandan Genocide happened, you need to read this article.
Apparently, quite a few people decided to read the article because 94 people clicked on that link. Actually, I thought it was more than that. In total, the article has been accessed 186 times. If my memory is correct, the overwhelming majority of those pageviews came from that one comment.

During that month, my blog got 410 pageviews, which was more than three times the number of pageviews my blog got in April. To me, it seemed like the number of pageviews were going up in an exponential fashion. I believed I was well on my way to getting my story out to the public.

In retrospect, I have a feeling that my government “manufactured” those pageviews. After today, I was never able to replicate the success of that one comment. I think my government was trying to fool me into believing that I would be able to use the Internet to get my story out, that I wouldn’t have to convince my parents of anything. Indeed, when my parents came to visit me next week we did not talk a lot about what had been happening to me.

Many of my subsequent comments would not generate even a single pageview on my blog. To me, it does not make any sense that this one comment would generate hundreds of pageviews while another similar comment would generate no pageviews.

On this day, TiVo shares would bottom at $9.29, their lowest price since April 19. They would stay above this level until August. Vonage shares would bottom tomorrow at $4.41. Afterward, they would stay above this level until June 8.

I guess my government rewarded me for falling into their trap.

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