Monday, February 28, 2011

My government likes one thing that I said

As you can see, I had a fairly busy weekend writing things.

On Monday, TiVo shares dropped 12 cents to $10.28. They would continue to fall in the coming days. From the closing bell on Friday to the closing bell of March 2, TiVo shares went from $10.40 to $8.93.

On the other hand, Vonage shares rose 13 cents to $4.42 on February 28. Nonetheless, this was only a one day gain. The following day, on March 1, Vonage shares dropped 22 cents. They would remain near the $4.30 level from February 25 to March 11.

Overall, then, it appears my government did not like what I wrote over the weekend. And I am certain that they became outraged when Japan and China agreed that 2011 would be a defining year for their relationship.

As for why Vonage went up on Monday, although my government may have been truly pissed at me because of what I wrote over the weekend, in retrospect, there was one thing I wrote which made them overjoyed. I implied that Japan and America did not have to resolve the Futenma issue. I truly regret writing this. My government must have been ecstatic that they would not have to spend time on this important issue.

All I can say is that my government must have drugged me into submission on that day. That is the only reasonable explanation for why I would say that the Futenma issue could remain unresolved. The issue must be resolved. Immediately.

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