Sunday, May 22, 2011

I get a room at the Siena Suites

My parents arrived in Las Vegas today. After they arrived, we started looking for a place where I could stay for a month. I searched the Internet, looking for a short term, furnished room. While I was doing that in my bedroom (which is where my computer was located), my parents were in the living room. My father was using his portable computer to help me find a room. But he was having a hard time because his wireless Internet connection wasn’t working very well.

While we were both searching the Internet, I remember my government “telling” me that my mother was talking to my father right now. She was telling him that maybe the fact that I wanted to move proves that something really is happening to me and I’m not making this up. Maybe I didn’t contact them in January because I was out of a job and needed money.

I wanted to find a place near Summerlin. But I couldn’t find any short term, furnished rooms there. So I had to look elsewhere. Eventually, I decided on a place called Siena Suites, which is located on Boulder Highway near the border between Las Vegas and Henderson.

My parents and I drove over there and checked the place out. It looked okay. The rooms were nearly identical to the rooms at the Budget Suites. I decided to rent a room for a month.

That night, when I got in the shower, I remember hoping that the shower water would be better than it was at San Moritz. But it wasn’t. I remember my government “laughing” at me as the water became sticky.

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